Virat Kohli overtakes MS Dhoni in brand endorsements

Krishna Chopra / 30 March 2016
Virat Kohli overtakes MS Dhoni in brand endorsements

These days whatever Virat Kohli touches turns into gold. His performance on the cricket field needs no words for appreciation as he has achieved phenomenal success across all conditions. Off the cricket field as well, Kohli is creating quite a few niches for himself.

The Indian batting sensation has overtaken Indian skipper MS Dhoni in brand endorsements. As per sources, Kohli charges Rs. 2 crores per day for a brand, as compared to the Rs. 1.5 crores charged by MS Dhoni. As a matter of fact, even former Indian legend Sachin Tendulkar charges Rs. 2 crores per day as his brand endorsement fees. “Kohli signs contracts for about 3 days with per day charge of Rs 2 crore, equivalent to cricket legend, Sachin. Brands utilises those three days in photo shoots, press briefings along with other appearances,” said a brand consultant close to Kohli.

“In last four years, the brand value of Kohli has boomed from under a crore to over few crores now. He endorses 15 brands and we are expecting to add another five brands this years, mostly in lifestyle and tech segment,” said Bunty Sajdeh, CEO, Cornerstone Sports and Entertainment, the agency that manages Kohli’s endorsement deals.

“Most of Virat’s deals are over two years. Dhoni’s majority of deals are for a year. We are not encouraged to hire Virat for a short term contract, considering his age and stage in career. However, while Dhoni is a commendable player, we generally invest on per year contracts,” said another marketing professional, about the brand comparisons of the two Indian icons.

Another aspect where Kohli overshadows Dhoni is regarding the amount charged for applying the sticker of a certain brand on his bat. While Spartan pays approximately Rs 6 crores to Dhoni for endorsing their sticker on his bat; Kohli is paid a whopping 8 crores for endorsing MRF on his willow.

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