We don’t know how serious is English Women’s Cricket Team player Danielle Wyatt about Kohli, as proposed to Team India‘s Vice-captain Virat Kohli. But, however, Virat Kohli’s family has indirectly “rejected” the proposal as his mother spoke over it.

It is not the right age for Virat to marry now,” said Virat’s mother, Saroj Kohli, “We can’t think of his marriage for another 4-5 years. He has ‘just started’ playing cricket. He has to concentrate on his batting and career ahead,” his mother included.

Virat’s mother was not willing to say whether the family would accept the foreigner if the woman cricketer is prepared to wait till then. “It is for you to speculate. Write whatever you want to write,” she hesitatingly said. 

The 23-year-old right-arm off-break England’s bowler, Danielle Wyatt was impressed with Kohli’s batting and openly proposed via twitter after his match winning performance against South Africa in Semi Finals of World T20.

News about actor Anushka Sharma’s alleged love affair with Virat Kohli has been doing the rounds for quite some time now. The actress was also believed to have gone to New Zealand a few months ago and met Virat in Sri Lanka where he was enjoying a holiday earlier this year. Though, Danielle Wyatt was not prepared to accept this as she said a fan replying, “Nah he ain’t” on twitter. 

Interestingly, Virat, if thinking to marry the woman cricketer in future can seek Brijesh Patel’s advice. Patel, now a team manager in Bangladesh, was been kissed by a woman on the field after she saw him play.

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