It is often said, that unnecessarily poking fun at someone will only prove your foolishness in front of the whole wide world. Well, precisely that was what English journalist Piers Morgan experienced recently when his ploy to once again poke fun at Indian batting legend and all time great Virender Sehwag backfired big time.

A few days after the two had a heated exchange on Twitter for Morgan’s alleged comment about Indians getting overexcited with their display in the recently concluded Olympics, Sehwag hit back with a fine tweet, which made the extravagant Morgan eat the humble pie. Back then, Morgan had tweeted, “Country with 1.2 billion people wildly celebrates 2 losing medals. How embarrassing is that?”. To this, the Nawab of Najafgarh replied, “We cherish every small happiness’, But Eng who invented Cricket,&yet2win a WC,still continue to play WC. Embarrassing?”

Some time back, Morgan tweeted, apparently challenging Sehwag that England would win a World Cup before India could win an Olympic gold medal. Sehwag struck back as he mentioned that India already had nine gold medals, but England didn’t have a single World Cup to their credit.


After being humiliated, Morgan soon deleted his tweet. Sehwag though, was in no mood to spare him, as he later tweeted, “Some people’s fortune is so bad, that Apply Apply,But No Reply ..Hahahaha.” This was a fine dig taken at Morgan, who now has completely exposed his sheer stupidity.

Check out Sehwag’s hilarious tweet below.

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