Waqar Younis disgusted with match fixing claims

Krishna Chopra / 21 November 2015

Pakistan’s head coach Waqar Younis has reacted sharply to rumors of match fixing engulfing his side. A leading UK daily published an article, stating that the third ODI between Pakistan and England could have been fixed, considering the way in which the Pakistani batsmen just threw their wickets. Younis blasted all those who doubted Pakistan’s integrity and said that it was just a game gone wrong for Pakistan.

“I am not aware of that (allegations), but I have been hearing about this here and there about this but I am very clear about the Pakistan team and the boys. There is nothing wrong with the game,” Younis said.  “Yes, we lost the game. You lose and win games, and it’s unfortunate the way the whole thing happened but I have no doubts in my boys and I am very satisfied.”

Earlier, former England captain Michael Vaughan had tweeted that the third ODI might have been fixed. In his tweets, Vaughan mentioned, “3 run outs and a few iffy shots for Pakistan … Never seen that before.” Vaughan added in another tweet, “They must think we are stupid. I hate the fact we watch cricket with so much suspicions … it shouldn’t be that way.”


Not just Waqar Younis, but Shahryar Khan, head of the PCB too slammed Vaughan for his comments. “I think he has given a very wrong statement,” said Khan. “It’s very wrong and it’s necessary to give our reaction and we will raise this matter with the ICC. Although he later deleted those tweets, the damage was done.”

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