If there is a sport Chris Gayle admires next to cricket, it has to be football.

The Caribbean big-hitter happens to be a Manchester United fan, closely tracking the EPL giant’s fortunes on most Premier League weekends.

However, his favorite player is Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo. Hence Gayle cheering for Portugal at this year’s Euro comes hardly as a surprise.

On Saturday, he promised to throw a party after Ronaldo’s Portugal beat Croatia in the round of 16 to reach quarter-finals of Euro 2016.

The deciding moment of the match came only a few minutes before extra-time ended. Naturally, Gayle and other Portugal fans were delighted that encounter did not go to penalties.

So sorry I can’t show y’all my reaction when Portugal score. As soon as my IG get it act together u will see the video! Lol meantime ?

— Chris Gayle (@henrygayle) June 25, 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo’s team will face Poland on Thursday to make it into the semi-finals of the European Championship.

The winning goal from Ricardo Quaresma delighted the Jamaican so much, he became crazy and even recorded his hilarious celebration at his home. This is what Gayle did after Portugal’s win.

The West Indian batsman shared a loud and expressive video of himself in front of the TV and yelled “Portugal! Cristiano Ronaldo!… Kick off style.. Portugal..Portugal..Ronaldo.!! ”

Earlier this month Gayle was on song and in the full mood once again! The flamboyant Caribbean big-hitter when revisiting his infamous interview with Channel Nine presenter Mel McLaughlin made an outrageous claim, according to him, good-looking women should expect men to joke about them.

In an interview with The Guardian, the 36-year-old West Indies batsman, infamous for his witty attitude towards women, also suggested that McLaughlin came off looking much worse than he did.

Gayle grabbed the headlines and was severely criticized by the majority of the cricketing fraternity during the fifth edition of Australia’s Big Bash League when he asked McLaughlin out for a drink during an interview.

He was subsequently slapped with a fine of $10,000 by the Melbourne Renegades franchise, who later decided not to retain him for next season. The West Indian, known for his colourful lifestyle, said the interviewer should have been aware that West Indian players love a joke or two.

Gayle also alleged that he was like a scapegoat in this whole sexism controversy, also like to maintain his stance that the whole issue was blown out of proportion.


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