What if one fine morning, you are out for your same boring everyday routine and in a traffic signal suddenly you notice Sachin Tendulkar? It would literally make you think what you would have done lately, that God has ordained you a fate to meet this legend.

Sachin has always been known as a man of masses outside cricket stadium. As said, he has got a ‘Midas touch’, indeed, whatever he does becomes a thing to follow on. The Education campaign, social awareness are one of his favourite moves outside 22yards.

With the amount of popularity he holds in the world, he is worshipped everywhere and thus is attached to a lot of social works. Tendulkar showed that he is also involved with road safety, even at a micro level, when he asked some bikers, who were next to him at a traffic stop to wear helmets.

In a video posted on Tendulkar’s Twitter handle, he is seen sitting in the rear seat of a car and asking the youngsters on a bike next to him to wear helmets.

“Helmet Dalo!! Road safety should be the highest priority for everyone. Please don’t ride without a helmet,” Tendulkar says in the caption for the video..

 He is heard speaking to the boys in Hindi. “Make me a promise, next time you will wear helmets.”

While one of the boys shook his head vigorously, the other was too engrossed in taking selfies.

Tendulkar’s initiative was also applauded by his fans and followers.
The best part is that he alwys uses his popularity to send messages to the mass to make this world a better place.
When Indian legend wants you to hear a helmet. who would not listen?

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