After India’s crushing win over Ireland by 5 wickets, Indian cricket team’s Director Ravi Shastri was ecstatic said the defending champions are well on course to lift the World Cup trophy for a second successive time

In an interview to the broadcaster along with former captain Sunil Gavaskar, Ravi Shastri said It’s a good position to be in especially given that from now on, every game is a knockout. Once you start winning, you enjoy and feel relaxed, it’s when you lose that you want to stay locked in the dressing room. Right now, the team is enjoying, they are playing football, they are a happy unit.

He also credited the bowlers’ effort for taking 50 wickets in 5 matches for the first time in their history. The last time they came close to do so was exactly 30 years back in the finals of the Bensen and Hedges World Series when India had dismissed the opposition four times and sent back 9 batsmen in the Finals against Pakistan. On the 30th anniversary of the victory, Shastri said The bowlers deserve all the credit. 50 wickets in five matches, it is a wonderful achievement. Lot of times, the batsmen tend to overshadow them and they don’t get credit but it is nice to see the bowlers getting some credit.

He also gave a warning to the other teams by saying We were never here to fill in the numbers. We are not going to give any chances to any of our opponents and we are going to win the damn World Cup.


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