We are preparing for the worst – Faf Du Plessis

Krishna Chopra / 02 November 2015

Faf Du Plessis had a sensational outing in the ODI’s against India as he was among the runs and resisted the Indian bowling to a great extent. However, the South African middle order batsman is far from being comfortable.

Du Plessis recently admitted that the visitors were preparing for the “worst” case scenario and thinking well in advance. By “worst” he definitely meant the nature of wickets to be laid for the test series.

The pitch for the first test in Mohali is believed to be very dry, and it is a possibility that it will benefit the spinners from the very first day. Speaking about the Mohali pitch, Du Plessis said, “Three days – three or four days out from the first day – it looks dry than a pitch normally looks. That’s all I can say. We are preparing for the worst. We are expecting big spin on day one, and if we come to day one and it does that, it’s not a matter of, ‘Oh it’s spinning, what do we do now?’

“I don’t think they (Indian camp) would be complaining about the wickets if they were winning,” du Plessis said. “I think it’s a reason to perhaps shift their attention from losing. For me one-day cricket is about runs. You don’t pitch up to a game expecting 180 plays 190. One-day cricket is about entertaining the crowd. That last ODI game in Mumbai was great for the fans,” Du Plessis further added.


Du Plessis also felt that the home team was indeed putting some pressure on the groundsmen to prepare doctored wickets. “I do think they are perhaps putting a little bit of pressure on the groundsmen to give them the wickets that they want because they know the slower the wickets the more they are in the game. But we are expecting that – and we did expect it in the one-dayers – and if on the day it changes then you have to just adapt your game plan to it. The way the wicket is looking at the moment perhaps that [India’s complaining] has worked,” Du Plesiss concluded. 

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