We said Sourav Ganguly that we did not want to play under him anymore : Yuvraj Singh

Paulami Chakraborty / 28 July 2015

As a skipper, he is the guide of the team, he leads his men to victories, faces the defeat and backlash of the fans if the team is defeated. He is the leader, the director but moreover, he is also a very good friend. Amongst all the captains that Indian Cricket team has ever had, Sourav Ganguly is one of the most successful man and the most loved one too. Even after years of his retirement from the game, people go crazy if there is their ‘Dada’ present in the ground. He gets the maximum cheer even if there are current day players, such is the craze for him in India. There are so many memories associated with him, starting from the onfield ‘Dadagiri’ incidents against big names of cricket, to removing jersey in the Lord’s and recent legendary commentry quotes. But this one incidence surely is one of the best that shows how cheerful and happy people were under his captaincy.

It was the Pakistan team who were visiting India for a tour and Ganguly was captaining the side when his teammates Harbhajan Singh and Yuvraj Singh set up a prank on him. They printed a fake newspaper which seemed to have quoted the captain saying Yuvraj and Harbhajan did not carry good attitude in the dressing room. When presented with the paper, Ganguly was in utter shock. People, aware of the prank, started to work accordingly. Yuvraj said he didn’t wish to play under Sourav’s captaincy anymore, while Harbhajan and Ashish Nehra promptly packed up their kit-bags and gestured to leave the dressing room. 

Things were so well-timed that the Prince of Kolkata sat shattered, swearing time and again that he could never say something like that and he hadn’t and finally he said we would give up his captaincy if there is any proof that he had said all these. Looking at how devastated he was, vice-captain Rahul Dravid unfolded the prank. The team broke into laughter.

They play together on field, they spend most of their times with each other and a captain, though appointed for the direction and management of the game, becomes everyone’s guide in any and every situations at times. This is the mark of a great captain and the incidence proves the closeness that people shared with Sourav, who had melted the ice and literally become a Dada, the elder brother.

PS : Anyone wondering how Dada himself reacted to it? We have that too. Read here:

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