Indian bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar has said that the pitch at Southampton is very easy for the batsmen and tough to bowl on. It is worth noting that the England team piled on 569-7 on this pitch and the bowlers hardly got any purchase from the pitch. Even today, the pitch is likely to be a very easy one to bat on.

He said, “We were expecting a fight-back from England (after the defeat in the last Test). So we expected them to come back stronger. The wicket was good for batsmen and as a bowling unit we did our best. Sometimes it happens. We were tired and had been in the field for nearly two days. So we just didn’t get it right.”

He added, “We were tired as I said and it was an easy wicket for the batsmen. So it was hard work. So the captain wanted us to bowl one-over spells and personally I found that easy. That way we didn’t really get tired and we also found our rhythm. Being a bowler, you expect them to catch those. But we also know they will catch a few, they will drop a few. This happens in cricket and happens with every team. We just have to give them confidence. Overall the catching in this series has been quite good. Buttler played a crucial innings. But the pitch was also easy for the batsmen. We tried not giving him room because he was looking to play shots. We were looking to get him out all the time he was attacking the ball and finally we managed to do so.”


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