On Friday, when the West Indies team decided to take a ticket back home and stop the series to shock everyone is not the only incident in cricket where the tour has been cancelled. It has been done before too.

Here are the instances where the tour was cancelled due to some reasons:

1. West Indies in England, 1939 –

Due to the second World War, the last 7 matches of the tour were cancelled. The West Indies team took a boat from Scotland to return to Carribean.

2. India in Pakistan, 1984/85

Prime minister Indira Gandhi’s assassination saw 3 matches of the tour being cancelled. The Indian team returned home.

3. Sri Lanka in Pakistan, 2008/09

Sri Lankan team was travelling in their team bus to take the field for the second test in Lahore. However a terrorist attack saw 6 Sri Lankan players injured. Sri Lanka then went back home and from then, there is no international cricket being played in Pakistan.

4. West Indies in India, 2014

West Indies players protested against the WIPA with regard to their payment. But with no action taken, the West Indies withdrew themselves from the series after the 4th match resulting in cancellation of 1 ODI, 1 T20I and 3 tests.

    Archit Athani Writer

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