West Indies v India: Turn and bounce on offer for the final Test match

Rishav Narang / 17 August 2016

We are just a day away from the start of the fourth and final Test match of the series. Indian team has already won the series by gaining an unbeatable lead of 2-0 but still they have much to gain from the final Test match. They have a chance to climb to the No. 1 rank in the ICC rankings if they win this contest.

The players are ready to go for one last final bout and so is the pitch curator Ronald Faria, a veteran in preparing pitches. From last eight years, Faria has been the curator of this ground and pitch. He is well familiar with this ground and pitch as he started his first class career in 1967 on this very ground. His first-class career started in the year 1967 and he went on to play cricket for next 10 years marking his presence in 52 first-class matches and 6 List A matches. From then he has been walking around Caribbean grounds to see the pitch work all around there.

He is the one who is preparing the pitch for the final Test match, the Indian team has to take special care of the pitch as we told above that the number spot is up for grab and the Indian team will leave no stone unturned to grab the offer.

Faria while speaking to Cricbuzz gave an indication of how the pitch will react and told about the nature of the pitch during the game. He told that there will be enough spin and turn for the spinners and will be a good one to bat on during the first three days. Also, he has not watered the pitch as rain is expected here in Trinidad.

“We saw it today this morning, and we don’t know if we are getting the sun. Maybe before 5 o’ clock this evening we will have rain again. So you have to put the water when you want. You can’t just put water and leave it there,

“I am a batsman groundsman. I don’t fix any wicket to help the bowler, if the bowler is good and gets a wicket, then good. But I don’t put no wicket on which the bowler will kill the batsmen,”
“Within the first three days, I won’t have to do anything on. No footmarks to fix and all that. (But) It will do something before the (fourth day), because this wicket usually takes a little spin,” Faria said while speaking to Cricbuzz.

Farai expects both the teams to score 500 and 400 respectively in their first innings but does not deny the fact that spinners will exploit the pitch by taking advantage of turn and bounce from the deck.

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