What if cricket did not exist in India?

We are Indians. What we love about us and can boast about includes our culture, our diversity, our heritage, our food and our CRICKET! Here people fix their marriage dates so that they don’t clash with ICC match dates, television companies launch special offers during series, homemakers forget to turn the gas off and burn their food. We can’t imagine a day without getting news about cricket and amongst our most cherished memories are some from 2011 ICC World Cup, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar being carried on shoulders of young Indian cricketers of the team. But imagine, what if there was no cricket in India? Here are some things that we could miss-

1. No ‘whole-family-watching-together’ moment:

Indian family members happen to have different choices about what to watch. While the women in the house love to stick to the daily soaps and serials section, the men prefer news. But what each and every person loves to watch is cricket and without fail (specifically during India-Pakistan or any such crucial matches) it manages to gather the whole family around the tv. What did you think makes mom and dad agree on the same thing?

family watching cricket

2. No ‘during-our-days-there-were-legends-like’ speeches:

And once the family is busy watching the classic game, you will surely find those senior members who will always find faults in the current day players. No matter how technical the player be, they will always chant about heroes of their time.

3. Sidhu paji’s commentary:

Sidhu paji's quotes

What is cricket without friends and family? And in India, what is cricket without those exaggerated quotes of Sidhu paji? Those ‘Gaganchumbi Chhakkas’ and ‘Dhamakedar paari’ and those shayeris, you accept it or not, they have gotten under your skin. Yeah, someties they are seem a bit irritating, but then we Indians like things with extra spices, don’t we? Thoko taali !

4. The firecrackers:

Every time India wins a series, it is a festival in India. Everyone seems a bit extra happy, all smiles, good food cooking in every house and then the fire-crackers. If could be counted, the total number of crackers lighted after matches might as well be greater than those in Diwali.

Fire crackers after 2011 world cup win

5. India would not have been India:

With so many talented players over the years, India has somewhat ruled the dynasty of cricket and the hearts of cricket followers. The soil has produced some of the most celebrated players and put India in a place full of glory and pride. India the country grew more along with the popularity and the class of the players. Cricket has given us reasons to enjoy, to laugh, to feel patriotism.

Can India really be separated from the game? You bet!

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