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Watch Wasim Akram's angry response to Social Media abuses

Wasim Akram is known to be a calm and humble individual who is always willing to help any cricketer who approaches him for help. In the past, there have been several players who have been mentored by the Sultan of Swing. Irfan Pathan, in his early days was coached none other than by Akram.

But despite being extremely calm and humble, Akram too is a human being after all and it’s just human tendency to lose your cool over some exaggerated issues. It is a known fact that Akram is the bowling coach of the Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL and coaches the KKR bowlers in India during the IPL. Akram’s connection with India is more than the IPL, as he often features as a commentator on Star TV during the matches played by India.

His connection with India seems to have irked his own countrymen though. Several Pakistanis are witnessed taunting and shamelessly abusing their own legend on social media for coaching bowlers in the IPL. Some Pakistanis allege that Akram is not a patriotic guy as he favours India over his own country.

This has really irked the great pacer as he feels that his own countrymen should not ill treat him in such a way. In the video below, we have a look at Akram’s flabbergasting response.

Akram in the video says:

A lot of people on social media are extremely rude to me and write abuses. Had they been near me, I would have explained them and taught these guys a proper lesson. In a way, they are really fortunate as they haven’t met in person. I get really angry when they treat me like this.

I’m a very busy individual as well but when the board (PCB) itself does not have a plan then why blame me? If the PCB in the very first place isn’t keen on keeping me as the coach then what do I do? I surely will not put up a hoarding advertising my selection as the bowling coach of Pakistan. I certainly will not beg in front of them at any cost. I’ve never begged anything from anyone in my life, and won’t do so even in the future.

Recently Waqar Younis was made the coach, and this is a fantastic decision as Waqar is a disciplined individual. Till now, I have atleast approached the PCB 12 times for the position of a coach, but there has never been a response from the other side. I’ve told them that whenever I’m free in Karachi for 15-20 days, they can have a camp at the National Cricket Academy. Even if the first choice bowlers are not available, I’m willing to coach the second string bowlers.

So please tell me what do I do if the PCB isn’t officially responding to me? Do I go stay in Pakistan only and sell guavas if I leave my job in India? I’m ready to speak to people who talk logically. Some people believe that they are patriotic individuals as they post a couple of lines on social media! I’m a patriotic individual as well, but a person cannot get patriotic just by posting a couple of lines on social media!

Below is the video of the incident.



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