Ahmad Shehzad was trying to bring into attention about the way people make fun of Pakistani cricketers because of their English. And this is not something new to Pakistan’s cricket, just that never before any cricketer took social media to voice over this.

Ahmad Shehzad did try it and got trolled by a Pakistani cricket fan. Shahzad tweeted  ‘ I like it when ppl try to correct cricketers english, i wish we could teach them how to play a yorker or bowl a bouncer. 😉 #AhmadQuotes ‘ and tried to be sarcastic over this.


Shahzad does have a lot of critics, both due to his poor form and him being overrated and getting a lot of hype. Not to forget the way he conducts himself on social media, leading the way with new selfies on a regular basis. He has now started to use the hashtag  #AhmadQuotes for his tweets.

A cricket fan then trolled him by uploading a GIF where he was bowled by Mitchell Johnson in a Test match with a yorker delivery and Shahzad failed to even touch it. 

Here is the tweet:

Another popular handle, which is a parody account of Javed Miandad also took time to troll Shahzad over this and he tweeted:



No denying the fact that Shahzad has many haters and him being trolled is nothing new. There have been many instances of this even before. It will be interesting to see how he responds to it. There is a need for him to conduct himself properly on the social media and he doesn’t need to look far for an ideal candidate. His teammate Shoaib Malik is an ideal foil to learn that from.

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