Cricket as a sport has often been marred by ugly and unwanted incidents. Such repulsive incidents have often tarnished the reputation of the sport as a whole. One such moment was during an ODI between West Indies and Australia at the Kensington Oval. Things got so out of hand and context, that the crowd had to intervene and assault the Australian team with bottles.

The episode occurred when West Indian batsman Sherwin Campbell went to take a quick single from the non strikers end. While completing the run, bowler Brendon Julian moved in the way of Campbell who was hastily taking the run. Till date, it isn’t confirmed if Julian intentionally moved in the way of Campbell.

As a result, Campbell collided with the bowler and fell down, leading to his run out. This angered the crowd, and soon there were chants yelling “Bring back Sherwin”. Things took a turn for the worse, when the field was bombarded with bottles and the Australians were just lucky to not get injured.

Soon the policemen took over the ground and the Australians were escorted back. A report in a newspaper stated: “Close to 100 policemen and policewomen and the Task Force took over the grounds, watching the crowds and protecting the wicket while officials conferred and fans debated. “For too long they think Bajans quiet. It done now,” declared one young woman in the Mitchie Hewitt Stand yesterday. “No Campbell, no cricket!” shouted a man, banging on the Eric Inniss Stand’s galvanised railing. Another fellow said that once Campbell “come back we gine clean up the field” but if not “it gine be more bottles”.

Check out the video below to go through the episode. 

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