In a thrilling T20I game, it becomes extremely tedious for the players to keep their calm at the crucial moments. Keeping a cool mind during the moments of sheer excitement is a task next to impossible for a lot of individuals. Only a handful of cricketers can hide their emotions under immense pressure with ease. While some succumb to the emotions, the others are motivated by it.

Glenn Maxwell, the hard hitting Australian all rounder went through an ocean of emotions himself in a T20I against Sri Lanka. It was a 2 match T20I series played in Australia, and the second T20I was played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on the 28th of January 2013. Australia had already been beaten in the first game, and they had to win the second game at any cost, if they were to square the series.

Batting first, the Sri Lankans made 161. Rain interrupted the Australian chase when they were 60-2 in 10 overs. The game resumed, but was a 15 over affair, which meant that Australia needed 62 off the last 5 overs. This was done after adjusting the target by the much criticized Duckworth Lewis method.

The hosts however, stormed back into the game in style as George Bailey and Shaun Marsh collaborated for a quick partnership. The Australians needed 18 off the last over, and after taking a couple on the first delivery, Bailey was dismissed. In walked the local lad – Glenn “The BIG SHOW” Maxwell.

Maxwell was at the non strikers end and the bowler bowled a waist high full toss (a no ball), which allowed Marsh to come back for a couple. The next ball was a yorker on the leg stump, and Marsh could only get a single, which gave Maxwell the strike. Maxwell was on strike for the first time and needed 12 off just 3 deliveries.

The first ball Maxwell faced, he sliced a low full toss over point to earn a boundary. A massive cheer from the crowd followed the boundary. The next delivery- Same ball, same length, same result! Boom! Another boundary sliced over point! Maxwell, within the space of two balls was on the verge of becoming the hero! Just four was needed off the last ball, and this was when an ugly confrontation took place.

The Sri Lankans got into a mini conference at the bowler’s end, with as many as 5 players discussing their inputs for the final delivery. Mahela Jayawardene did the talking as he advised the bowler. The Sri Lankans took close to three minutes, before Glenn Maxwell eventually lost his cool. He tried to question the Sri Lankan tactics, but this was met by a rude response from the visitors. Jayawardene first loudly mouthed an expletive, which was followed by some rude hand gestures from Mathews, instructing Maxwell to be in his limits.

Perera finally ran in to bowl, and bowled a good yorker outside off. Maxwell missed it, and Sri Lanka won the game! Perera had a send off of sorts for Maxwell and the Sri Lankans were ecstatic. Things seemed to be cooling down post the game, when Maxwell was calmly speaking with Jayawardene while shaking hands.

However, the Sri Lankans once again got animated with a few more individuals joining in. Finally, it was Aussie skipper Bailey, who played the peacemaker! It was surely a volatile affair!

Below is the video of the incident.

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