What comes to your your mind when we say aggression in Indian cricket? Or, say, Dadagiri ? Yes it’s the prince of Kolkata- Sourav Ganguly. But what if we tell you he used to be a real modest guy, giving interview with an almost choked voice, worried of what the next question might be? Unbelievable isn’t it?

It was 21st of June, 1996. A great left-hand batsman was taking his first walk towards the Lord’s crease. Not many thought that this lean Bengali boy with a hint of thin moutache will one day take his shirt off and toss it above his head after leading the team to a victorious Nat-West, that there will be this quote made on him-‘In the off side, first there is God and then there is Sourav.’

The first ball came his way and he ducked it. Bengali spectators’ hearts skipped, thinking he might soon end up finishing it with a duck himself. 

But as the innings kept on progressing, his potential started showing off itself. His straight drives, not fully cheiseled though, had those sparks with would one day flourish to flames it was prominent. Governing the mid off and mid on region and mostly playing it straight, he reached his 100 and finished at 131, acheiving the records of being the 3rd batsman in the world to make a debut 100 at Lord’s, the second Indian to score that much in first test and 10th for the same in the world. 

When caught up for an interview, it was a rare Ganguly altogether. Talking with an almost in-audible pitch, with lots of hesitation he kept on explaining how he utilized the turns produced by the pitch and also remained confused about how to answer a couple of questions. Seems impossible looking at the current Ganguly who is famous for his brilliance with words ever since he joined commentry? Have a look-

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