Kamaal R Khan is not a new name to Indian social media. He has got his own logics and he stands by it. Him being abused on social media sites is not a big deal and users on twitter enjoy this.

Though many have been blocked by Kamaal R Khan, but the trend just continues. Here is what happened during the IPL. An Indian user tried 

A twitter user tweeted to JP Duminy with some texts in Hindi. Anyone who understands Hindi get the meaning from the screenshot. But the user fooled Duminy and explained him something else.

Duminy retweeted that and has still not deleted that . Maybe he has not realised  that it was a prank played on him. But , whatever it maybe, it became a source of laughter to many twitter users in India. And for the trollers on twitter, God knows how much they enjoyed it.

Not sure if Kamaal R Khan knows this or not, but one thing for sure that it did become a trending tweet in the India back then. 

 Here is the tweet:



    A cricket addict

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