Video: When runner ran down the batsman's innings

Paulami Chakraborty / 17 July 2015

Cricket is a game involving various risks like getting injured and it is really hard to run for runs when you have ticked the box of injuries. Cricket rules included remedies too, a phenomenon called a runner. Runner is a person who comes down to run for the batsman who is injured and has difficulties running. But what if, while taking runs, he gets run out? Inevitably, the batsman has to give his wicket away. Here are some classic examples of how the poor chaps got unlucky because of the runners and confusions created by them.

1. Confusion confusion:

It was Australia playing agaisnt England, and the latter were batting with a runner. Team Austyralia were so involved in the game that they forgot the fact that England have a runner. Bowler Lee received the ball thrown by the fielder and immediately knocked the bails off and even started to celebrate with Clarke. It was then that they discovered that the runner was within the crease.

Watch it here:

2. Caught you almost…

India were playing against Australia as VVS Laxman got injured and Pragyan Ojha came as his runner. While Laxman was standing still after a delivery that bore no runs, Ojha started running and this left an animated Laxman angry over Ojha. Though he didn’t get out, Laxman’x innings was on the verge to have a premature ending for his runner.

Take a look:

3. But your runner was out of the crease!

It was the Under 19 world cups going on and the Indian side were batting against South African bowling attack. It was Saurabh Tiwari who had a runner with himself and there came a delivery after which the SA keeper tried to stump him. His own backfoot was grounded and he was saved by that but his runner was standing outside the crease.

What a badluck: 

4. And the ultimate mess!

It turned to an entire drama when Prasanna Jayawardene made Maharoof hand his wicket to the Aussies. Prasanna was running for Maharoof and when a delivery struck by Maharoof hit the non-striker’s stump before reaching the bowler, he was already mid-way. Without giving him any chance of getting back to his grounds, th aussies demolished the stumps and Maharoof had to go, with immense anger of course.

Though the phenomenon of having a runner along the injured batsman stood prominent for almost 100 years, ICC outlawed the rule in the year 2011 ending up all such confusions at once.

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