There are 11 ways in which a batsman can be given out in cricket. One of rarest ways is being “Timed Out.” In Test matches, the time to come on the field is 3 minutes. There are no batsman so far in the history of cricket to get out in this fashion. It is still a controversial way as the batting team can send the no.11 batsman in case of a delay.

What happened on the fourth day of the 3rd Test between South Africa and India was the first time a batsman, who was Sourav Ganguly almost became the first player in the history of the game to get timed out. Sourav Ganguly took 6 minutes to come to the field, however Greame Smith, South Africa skipper didn’t appeal after he got to know the reason and Ganguly survived.

The reason for delay:

On the 3rd day, Sachin Tendulkar had spent 18 minutes off field. It is a rule which states that a player if remains off field for more than 8 minutes has to spent an equivalent amount of time in the dressing room. On the fourth day, 2 wickets went down in less than 13 minutes. The dressing room wasn’t aware of this. Sourav Ganguly quickly padded up but it took 6 minutes till he came on field. Greame Smith did not appeal in the spirit of the game.

    Archit Athani Writer

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