The aspect of sledging has always grabbed the eyeballs in cricket. When two fierce opponents indulge in a war of words, it has always led to an interesting show ahead. However, ever wondered how about an on field altercation between two teammates? That definitely sounds utterly crazy, but such a thing has indeed happened in the past!

The incident occurred between Michael Clarke and Shane Watson during an ODI game against Sri Lanka in 2010. On the bowling of Watson, there was an easy run out opportunity, as both the batsmen ended up on the same crease. However, some serious mind numbing stuff from Michael Clarke gave the Sri Lankans a reprieve.

While taking a cheeky single, Upul Tharanga, the non striker, ended up at Kumar Sangakkara’s end, who was never interested in the run. An inaccurate throw from the fielder meant that the ball went to Michael Clarke, who held it while being positioned very close to the stumps and the bowler. Rather than handing Watson the ball, Clarke attempted a direct hit. Agonizingly, that ball hit Shane Watson on his knees, and the ball went a little far from the stumps. That allowed Tharanga to get back to safety.

As Watson stared angrily at Clarke, the latter did not help his cause by not offering an apology. The two endlessly stared at each other, leading to a mini altercation!

Below is the video of that incident:

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