When Yuvraj Singh bullied MS Dhoni

Krishna Chopra / 23 October 2015

Yuvraj Singh was known to be the biggest prankster within the Indian dressing room. The likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag and Sourav Ganguly have often described the pranks played by Yuvraj Singh on the rest of the team members. Not just a prankster, but Yuvraj was also a type of a bully. Fortunately, Yuvraj bullied his team mates in the appropriate spirit and this at times motivated the individuals who were bullied.

Singh was such a bully that he did not even spare MS Dhoni, who was new to the Indian setup in early 2005. Dhoni, who made his international debut against Bangladesh in December 2004, took the cricket world by storm with his ferocious knock of 148 against Pakistan in an ODI in early 2005. From then on, Dhoni became the blue eyed boy of the Indian team and fans simply went gaga over him. Yuvraj however, continued to bully Dhoni and would often end up teasing him.

At Singh’s book launch in 2013, Dhoni opened up about the way in which he was bullied in the right spirit. Dhoni said that a few members of the Indian team often used to brand him as a “Bihari”, because Dhoni was among the few cricketers from Bihar who went on to represent India.

Yuvraj however, took special interest in Dhoni and would often poke him. When Dhoni used to hit the big sixes, Yuvraj used to tell him that being a match winner was more important than just hitting sixes.


Dhoni soon went on to become a phenomenal chaser and finisher during late 2005 and early 2006. After becoming a match winner, Yuvraj told that him that the true potential of a player was not in being a match winner in limited overs, but even in test matches.

Dhoni however, replied this time and said, “That’s fine but tell me one thing, why are you always so angry.” Yuvraj smiled in return, and this was the indication that a certain Mahendra Singh Dhoni was about to conquer the cricketing globe.

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