Who is the boss of World Cricket: Don Bradman, Sachin Tendulkar or AB de Villiers?

Sudipta / 18 January 2016

They are greatest batsmen of their generations. They entertain the cricket world with their Houdini acts on the cricket field. Cricket has one eternal question who is the best? A question which has no reasonable answer. The trio have a different style of playing. They rule the game in a different era, in a different philosophy of world and in a different atmosphere.

When Don Bradman used to play cricket the game was in its old form. For Bradman, the challenge was opponent while for Sachin the challenge was with his own ambitions. Bradman’s career started before the second Word war. The war affected the best part of his career, but Sachin played almost in peace and tranquility in the world.

When Bradman started playing cricket Australia has six million people with a little access of television and that too amidst of great economic depression while Sachin Tendulkar’s rise started with India’s economic liberation. Bradman had played only in three Test playing nations while Sachin Tendulkar played in ten Test playing nations. And there was TV baron Mark Mascarenhas who played an instrumental role in making Sachin Tendulkar the God of cricket for 1.3 billion Indians.But, for Bradman, the game was little about television broadcasting. When the Australian batsmen played the game cricket was more about revenge of colonial termination while  the game was commercialised during Sachin Tendulkar ‘s era. Test cricket has been diminishing since Tendulkar played the game while Bradman earned the fame for his impeccable technique.

Sachin has played six World Cup while Don Bradman had retired long before the idea of World Cup was floored in World Cricket. 



Meanwhile, the equipment were also made a big difference between Tendulkar and  Bradman. The Aussie great played the game without the help of modern cricket equipment and Sachin got the assistance of all equipment-helmet and other guards.

Leave the difference between bat and change of  ICC rule which made the game batting feudal. In the ear of Bradman, bowlers were equally respected as a batsman, but the purpose has changed in Sachin’s era as the philosophy of the game has surrounded around batsmen where  bowlers  were made to be hammered.

Boss of commercialised wrap cricket 

Talking about AB de Villiers, who has recorded the fastest hundred and fastest 150 against weak West Indies side has been the product of new ICC rules  which made the boundary  smaller and made a game for batsman friendly. If Sachin Tendulkar enjoyed modernisation of the game in its early part then AB de Villiers exploit situations and explored deeply the potential of the modern game.

ICC’s shortest format T20 also has enormous influence one 21st century batsman. In AB de Villiers’ batting, the influence of T20 cricket is present. Neither Sachin or Bradman enjoyed the influence of T20 cricket.

Amongst the era of Bradman-Tendulkar and De Villiers,  one thing has diminished with the time that is technique. Under the influence of T20 cricket, batsmen are learning how to hit the white ball instead of concentrating on technique. Unlike Sachin Tendulkar AB de Villiers has not to face fiery bowlers like Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Curtley Ambrose, Glenn McGrath, Jason Gillespie, Allan Donald, Brett Lee, Shane Bond, Henry Olonga and Shoaib Akhtar. 

Comparison apart trio Don Bradman, Sachin Tendulkar, and AB de Villiers are great. AB de Villiers is an elegant adventurous batsman. And no comparison among them should be made. One thing among them is common that is they are the great entertainer and torch bearer of World Cricket.  If Bradman is the first cricketer to break  the hegemony of World Cricket then Sachin is a batsman who helps  India to built eastern imperialism of cricket and AB de Villiers is the child of their  influence in cricket. Tendulkar flourished on following the road Bradman showed while De Villiers got success following the road which Sachin has built.

So, if Bradman is King of World Cricket then Sachin is the prince and AB de Villiers is the boss of commercialized warp cricket.

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