Why BCCI did not send a special cook on India’s Caribbean tour?

Sudipta / 14 July 2016

Why did BCCI not send a special cook on India’s Caribbean tour? BCCI rejected Indian team’s request for ‘ghar ka khana’ in West Indies. Even though an additional member on the tour of West Indies would not hurt BCCI’s financial wealth much, BCCI rejected the idea because players will get Indian food easily in the Caribbean as a large portion of people on the island are of Indian origin. So the availability of Indian dishes will make Indian players feel like home.

BCCI President Anurag Thakur on his first day in office had spoken of sending a ‘deshi’ cook with the team but the board has since had a rethink.

“We realized that a number of Indian food joints are now spread across most Caribbean islands. We have tied up with different joints at all the islands where the team would be playing,” a BCCI source said.

But, over the years, Indian cricketers have struggled to have Caribbean cuisines in most of the islands except in the Trinidad and Tobago which has a significant portion of the Indian diaspora.

Indian players often find it difficult to have continental dishes on the tour because they are not habituated with food variety like baked, steamed and grilled items which are available on the food menu. On West Indies tour Indian players stayed hungry due to the scarcity of their dishes they have in India daily.

But, why did BCCI not send a special cook on India’s Caribbean tour?

Indian food chain with a business interest opened their outlet in the Carribean considering the presence of Indian Diaspora.

Indian players like Cheteshwar Pujara and Ravichandran Ashwin are vegetarian, the BCCI’s general manager MV Sridhar, who is responsible for contacting with the local food chain from India, checking the sample give the nod to a food chain.

Hygiene standard is also a matter of concern. The food chain that serves the food to Indian team was once asked to maintain the highest hygiene and sanitization standards.

Indian players will enjoy dishes like curry and butter chicken but improvised food demands are rare among the Indian players.