WICB (West Indies Cricket Board) senior members said that they are very close to signing an agreement by which they could belatedly complete their controversial 2014 tour of India, which was abandoned in the middle stage.

WICB made a statement about this agreement, which is subject to WICB and WIPA (West Indies Players Association), “Giving a joint commitment to complete, at a later date, the tour which prematurely ended in October 2014.”

WICB president David Cameron further added, that the following discussions between him and BCCI (Board of Council for Cricket in India) president Shashank Manohar confirmed, that West Indies will host India in 2016.

Cameron said, “Cricket remained the centerpiece of our discussion and we are happy to be at this juncture.”

The Caribbean team was scheduled to play 5 ODIs, one T20I and three Tests in the 2014 tour of India. But West Indies team withdrew themselves from the series after playing first four ODIs due to a dispute over players’ contracts with WIPA.

BCCI was totally shocked over the WICB’s series cancellation decision. Due to the cancellation of that series in the middle, BCCI had suffered around 396 crores loss. Later, BCCI made a demand to compensation for the loss. Also, BCCI had suspended all the bilateral series with West Indies, which are scheduled in the FTP (Future Tours Programme).   

At further, BCCI had somehow managed to cover the loss after preparing a series against Sri Lanka at home


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