Won’t compromise on discipline – Mickey Arthur

Krishna Chopra / 09 May 2016
Won't compromise on discipline - Mickey Arthur

Discipline has been a term too alien for Pakistan cricket. Over the years, a lot of promising individuals from Pakistan have ended up criminally wasting their talent due to having a poor attitude and regard for the game. The fact that today Pakistan cricket is in absolute shambles is no surprise as the team lacks the basic quality needed to succeed – Discipline.

Mickey Arthur, who was recently named as Pakistan’s new coach, sternly admitted that in his upcoming stint as the head coach, he would have no tolerance for willful individuals. Arthur also elaborated about his plans to deal with Pakistan’s fielding woes and highlighted fitness as an integral aspect for the Pakistanis to improve upon.

“I will be tough on discipline and that’s the way we can get better and better results,” Arthur said in a recent media interaction. “I want everybody to start playing for the team and I don’t want any selfish players around.”

Clearly stating the need to improve Pakistan’s batting, Arthur said, “Our bowling is good, but we need to lift our batting massively.” “I will also be tough on fielding and fitness and need players who can play long-term, and these issues are non-negotiable. I also want players who aren’t prepared to be bullied.”

“For Pakistan players, those conditions are trying, but I want the team to be up for the challenge. Without a doubt, we will go to win. If the players show improvement, then I know I am doing my job. “I know everything about the job, but what I know more is that there is a huge passion for cricket and there is enormous talent in Pakistan. I think if we can get a proper structure in place then we can really get this team far away,” Arthur concluded.

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