Words like hate and revenge should not be used in cricket – MS Dhoni

Krishna Chopra / 11 January 2016

India’s previous international outing against Australia was not a fruitful one for sure. It was the second semi-final of the ICC World Cup 2015 when the Kangaroos thrashed MS Dhoni’s India in order to end their reign as the world champions. That loss had surely been a party spoiler for millions of Indians as the men in blue crashed out of the tournament after fighting it all the way down to the semi-finals.

When Indian skipper MS Dhoni was asked about the “revenge” aspect associated with India’s upcoming ODI series against the Australians, Dhoni gave a calm and composed reply. The Indian captain said that in a sport like cricket, adding words like hate, revenge made absolutely no sense.

“You know, when it comes to sport and especially cricket, I don’t think words like ‘hate’ and ‘revenge’ should be used,” Dhoni said. “You want to compete and you want to win games because at the end of the day you’re representing your country. But at the same time you want to follow the guidelines given. So I won’t consider words like ‘revenge’ and all of that, but definitely, we want to do well.”

“We want to get a lot out of this particular series. As I’ve said, Australians are known to play tough cricket irrespective of where they are competing. Which means it gives our youngsters a fair amount of exposure. Game-time over here actually give you a lot of experience, and as I said, it will be a very good learning curve, especially for youngsters, and at the same time it will test the seniors who have been part of the side,” Dhoni added.

Dhoni also praised the cricket structure in Australia for producing some world class cricketers. “Australian domestic cricket quality is very high, which means the players who come up have already got good exposure playing against people who are playing or have played international cricket. I feel that way, Australian cricket is blessed. I feel they’re a very good side,” said Dhoni.

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