World Cup 2015: West Indies Missing Sunil Narine: Clive Lloyd

Shashi / 05 March 2015

Chairman of the West Indian selection committee, Clive Lloyd, has admitted that the entire team is immensely missing the mind bobbling spin-tactics of Sunil Narine in their ongoing World Cup quest on the formidable tracks of Australia and New Zealand.

The offie Narine, who was earlier under ICC’s scrutiny last September against India due to a suspect action, withdrew just at the final moments before the Carribean team headed for the World Cup fight citing lack of confidence in his revised bowling method as the major issue.

He is presently one of the best bowlers of the limited overs Cricket and has sent many a batsman back to the pavilion with his nightmarish spells and his ability to control the flow of runs and subject the striker into immense pressure makes him one of the most important asset of the side, said Llyod.

Since last September, Narine has been thoroughly working on his action and has cleared several preliminary tests before making his way back into the Carribean World Cup.

Llyod also cleared the air around the misconception of the officials who rendered Narine’s previous action as a throw by highlighting his successful season in the domestic Carribean league with the T&T. Narine ranked 2nd in the ODI rankings last september before he was accused with the charges of a suspect action which clearly defines how big a void has his exclusion created in the present side.

The West Indies will now be facing the defending champions India in their next group match on 6th March.

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