Worst bowling debut in Test cricket

Mohit Camma / 02 August 2014

There have been many debutants in Test cricket who have performed extremely well in their first match and set high level for themselves. On the other side there have also been debutants who have not performed well and as a result, expectations from them haven’t been that high. 

But one should also remember that even Sachin didn’t score a century on his debut in Test cricket but today no one has scored more runs than him as well. Hence we can say that we shouldn’t judge a player on his debut. But yet debut match does count to make an impression and that’s what these players have failed to do. Here is a list of bowlers with worst debut figures in Test cricket –

Name Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Opposition Ground Debut Date
Pankaj Singh (Ind) 47.0 12 179 0 England Southampton 27 Jul 2014
Sohail Khan (Pak) 27.0 2 164 0 Sri Lanka Karachi 21 Feb 2009
Aaqib Javed (Pak) 47.0 6 160 0 New Zealand Wellington 10 Feb 1989
Bryce McGain (Aus) 18.0 2 149 0 South Africa Cape Town 19 Mar 2009
John Warr (Eng) 36.0 4 142 0 Australia Sydney 5 Jan 1951
Bapu Nadkarni (Ind) 57.0 14 142 0 New Zealand Delhi 16 Dec 1955
Alfred Scott (WI) 44.0 9 140 0 India Kingston 28 Mar 1953
Tawanda Mupariwa (Zim) 34.0 1 136 0 Sri Lanka Bulawayo 14 May 2004
Reon King (WI) 28.0 2 130 0 South Africa Centurion 15 Jan 1999
Sam Cook (Eng) 30.0 4 127 0 South Africa Nottingham 7 Jun 1947

Pankaj Singh from India is the latest entrant in this list and he is on top. This wouldn’t have been the case if there would have been some luck on his side as a catch was dropped in the slip of his bowling in his first spell in the first innings itself and after that the story hasn’t been so good.

Had that catch been taken, he would have been a completely different bowler in this match and his stats would have been way better and Indian team would have again understood that catches do win matches.

Stat updated till 30 July 2014

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