WT20: Ravichandran Ashwin trolls Bangladesh team

Sudipta / 13 March 2016

Bangladesh  are playing a do or die match against Oman to progress in the Super 10. Bangladesh are in good form and are favourites to beat newcomer Middle East nation Oman. Indian off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin before the bat and ball clash in Dharamshala prayed for Bangladesh as entire India will get rid of Bangladesh’s allegation that Indian deployed a conspiracy to take them out of ICC World T20 2016.  But, he said if Oman wins this match than cricket world will be happy.

Ashwin, who often reply to fan’s tweet, is famous for his sense of humour said, “Can’t wait to see the Bangladesh v Oman game.If Bangladesh win, the whole country will be happy but if Oman does Cricket will be happy.”

A Bangladeshi replied to Ashwin’s tweet and said India afraid of Bangladesh, so they want Oman to qualify for Super 10. And Ashwin replied to this tweet, “I wanted to archive your tweet, then thought for a minute and decided it might not be worth my time.”

Earlier Ravichandran Ashwin trolled a Pakistan fan, who termed Ashwin’s action illegal and he said, “where is ICC?”. That Pakistani fan wanted ICC to look into this matter. But, Ashwin replied, “ICC is in Dubai.”