The year 2015 has not been a good one for the England cricket team as they were knocked out in the group stages of the world cup by Bangladesh. After that disappointment, Three Lions headed to the Caribbean to play a 3 Test series before they welcome spirited Kiwis and later in the summer the world champions at home for a series of ‘The Ashes’.

However, after the world cup debacle the England team has not been able to regroup as they would have wanted before a crucial series against Australia and depleted West Indies has been able to stop the English from winning the Test series. The Test series which has ended 1-1 showed the loopholes that the England team must address before The Ashes.  A West Indian team that is lingering at the bottom of the ICC rankings were able to trouble the England players all throughout the series and such a performance can mean that they will not be able to beat the likes of New Zealand and Australia that are to follow after this series.

The former England opener Geoffrey boycott after watching the England perform in the Caribbean said that this England team would lose to a full strength Yorkshire county team and that there are a lot of changes that are necessary for making the team better. Boycott also went on to name his Yorkshire team who are currently the champions in England that would possibly beat this England team in the current form.

Boycott also made ‘allegations’ the current England skipper Alastair Cook is nowhere close to being one of the best England captains and that Cook thinks that he is already the greatest. He added that cook felt he is the best and that he is untouchable and that this is far from the truth.

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