It has not been a great season for the Team from Punjab in the IPL but David Miller has been able to show some class when his team needed him. However, he has not been so lucky for the crowd as Miller who not long ago hit a policeman in an IPL game also hit young boy who fainted.

The boy who was close by watching Miller practice some pull shots near the boundary rope, was hit by one of Millers shots and fainted. He was straight away taken to a hospital where he was given some treatment. After some time the doctors confirmed that the boy was fine and that there was nothing to worry. This incident was reported by ESPN Cricinfo team at the Punjab Cricket Association premises.

This news comes not long before a constable who was taking guard at the IPL was hit by a shot from David Miller and lost his eye sight. Miller issued an apology via Twitter stating the loss as a freak accident and that he will pray for his health.

Alock Aich the constable who lost his sight was aged 53. Miller also issued an official apology to the constable stating that he was terribly sorry for the accident and wished him to recover as quickly as possible.

It is pure luck or the lack of it that David Miller is at the wrong end of the end for the second time this season.

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