Young cricketer killed in Bangladesh during a cricket match in Dhaka

Sudipta / 13 May 2016

A teenage cricketer in Bangladesh was allegedly killed by a stump wielding batsman after he taunted the umpire over a no-ball delivery, police said on Thursday.

Sixteen-year-old Babul Shikdar was wicketkeeping during a neighbourhood match with friends in the capital city Dhaka on Wednesday when the batsman was given out, local police chief Bhuiyan Mahboob Hasan said.

Shikdar suggested that the umpire might again favour the batsman, by declaring the bowler’s delivery a no ball, allowing him to remain at the crease after the umpire made the same ruling off the previous ball.

“It enraged the batsman who picked up a stump and hit Shikdar on the back of his head. He collapsed on the field and died on the way to a clinic,” Hasan told AFP.

Police were now searching for the batsman who fled the scene, he said.

Cricket is the most popular sport in the South Asian nation with millions of people playing the game at every level.

This kind of on-field brawl in common in local cricket as this matches are not covered by any media often cricketers involve in a fight. But, on this occasion as this young cricketer died  came in the news.

In IPL 2013 Keiron Pollard of Mumbai Indians had thrown his bat at Mitchell Starc in anger.

In a sport when tension lies every moment of the game, many cricketers lost their cool and can’t control their anger that results into a fight.

Bangladesh is a rising country in international cricket. When the country started tasting success at home this unfortunate incident brought the darker side of the local cricket in to the limelight.

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