Yuvraj simply denies dad’s claim that Dhoni blocked his way

Raj / 16 February 2015

Timing always matters a lot in one’s life. So the timing chosen by Yograj Singh, the former cricketer of India and father of Yuvraj Singh, appears to be most inappropriate. Today, when each and every fan of Yuvraj was so pleased when Delhi Daredevils bought Yuvraj In the auction of IPL in Bangalore for a whopping 16 crores for the upcoming season, the following statement given by the father of Yuvraj Singh came as a big shock and was very surprising. Yograj said, “I was shocked when I learnt that Yuvraj Singh was not in the World Cup squad. If MS Dhoni is having personal issues with my son, I won’t do anything, god will do justice. He (Dhoni) told the selectors that Yuvraj was not needed in the squad,”

Every supporter of the game knows this jolly well that MS Dhoni and Yuvraj had a wonderful chemistry. They have always supported each other during good or bad times. So it did not take long for Yuvraj to clear the air.

Yuvra said, “Like every parent my dad is also passionate and I am sure (he) got carried away, I have always enjoyed playing under Mahi (Dhoni) and would do so in future.”

This stylish left hand batsman happened to be the costliest player in the last auction too, going for Rs 14 crore.  However, Yuvraj was not selected in the World Cup team.

 It appears that Yograj, a former cricketer, obviously got philosophical while batting for his son. He had claimed, “Dhoni as leader should back senior players who go through a temporary tough phase. I don’t know why he did not want Yuvraj in the team. My son has always praised Dhoni”. 

But in the end, the denial of Yuvraj should be good enough to close this controversial chapter forever.

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