Yuvraj Singh and Shah Rukh Khan have a bit of fun at Gambhir’s broken bat

Nikhil Deshpande / 09 April 2015

Yuvraj Singh is well known for his fun-loving attitude and joyful nature both on and off the field as the man from Punjab took to Twitter once again last night to have a bit of fun at the expense of Gautam Gambhir’s Broken bat.  

Kolkata Knight Riders beat Mumbai Indians last night in the opening match of the 8th edition of the Indian Premier League. The defending champions might have had the best possible start to the campaign but their captain Gautam Gambhir had a rather rough start to his innings. 

Gautam Gambhir got his bat destroyed facing Vinay Kumar’s bowling in the 2nd over of the Kolkata Knight Riders’ innings. Check out what Yuvraj Singh had to say at that incident.



Kolkata Knight Riders owner Shah Rukh Khan, also an active twitter user, used the same incident to point out the fielding performance of both the teams. Here’s what Shah Rukh Khan had to say –


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