Banter on Twitter between teammates and rivals is usually common in today’s world and Yuvraj Singh certainly managed to pull one over Parthvi Patel. 

Parthiv Patel tweeted enquiring as to why there were so many people on the streets on Ahmedabad and Yuvraj Singh managed to latch onto the opportunity and came up with this tweet mocking Parthiv Patel’s height and driving skills. Classic Twitter Banter this. 


Yuvraj is now at it again. In last 10 hours he has trolled Parthiv Patel Thrice.

Check out these Tweets (Full Conversation):


    Simple fun-loving guy; Sarcastic, Funny to some; not to others. I deliver on what I commit. Smart worker. I do what I like and I am very good at it. Like to keep it classy!

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