Some time from now when you fail terribly at something despite having the arsenal and despite creating a benchmark and you  cannot fathom how things have come to be, that is the time you know that you have pulled off a Chelsea.

Chelsea Football Club has had an unforgettable season so far and no one has to enumerate how far the apple has fallen from the tree. Last year’s Premier League champions not sit at the 14th position with only 15 points in the bag out of the 15 games that they have played in the season so far. Chelsea’s fall from the top can be called a modern marvel; the same team, the same players but a complete change of results. How has this happened?

In simple terms, the lack can be seen as a lack in the management and especially Jose Mourinho. Mourinho is a hot head and when he is the boss, he is the BOSS. His occasional rifts with players from John Terry to Hazard to Costa affects the team morale and the atmosphere in the dressing room. And what can one say about the bans that the Portuguese picks up from time to time! But in Jose’s defense his players this season haven’t left been their fabulous last season selves and walk on the football pitch like zombies searching for any sign of life. Apart from a shoddy display of football another thing that has plagued Chelsea, this season are the injuries to key players. Courtois was sidelined for a major part of the season, Oscar wasn’t at the disposal of the Special one when he needed him the most, Falcao was in and out of the injury zone with very little to offer to the game and thus wasn’t Jose’s first choice.

Though Mourinho has said that he wouldn’t burden the board and thus won’t make demands for new players in January but the deep trouble that the team is in calls for a different call of action. Chelsea have to tap the potential of the January transfer window and look for replacements that can redeem the Stamford Bridge outfit in the latter half of the season. So here we have a possible list of replacements that Chelsea and Mourinho is interested in and who will be good additions to the team:


1. Alex Teixeira

The Shakhtar Donetsk striker has grabbed eyeballs all around the globe and the Blues boss is no exception. The 25-year-old forward has scored more goals than the German goal machine Robert Lewandowski, 22 goals in his 15 league appearances. Jose Mourinho is said to have been closely following the Brazillian and rightly so because the Samba man can be a good partner to Willian who has been Chelsea’s star performer this season. Teixeira brings a new flavour and agility with him and god know how badly Chelsea need it!

2. Nikola Kalinic

The Florentina man has displayed scintillating footballing skills in his 10 goals scored in 9 games. Chelsea needs a good forward and though Teixeira might be the most probable choice, he comes with a 40 million pound price tag which is likely to increase as the transfer window comes closer. The other thing that works in favour of Kalinic is his experience in the Premier League with the Blackburn Rovers. He knows the language and understands the pace at which the Premier League runs which makes his a very god fit for Chelsea.

3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

This footballer needs no introduction, his antics are well known all around the world. From that bicycle kick to claiming that he doesn’t need an award to know that he is better than everyone. The man spells swag and that is what might be needed badly at Stamford Bridge. This season the Swede has scored 12 goals in 12 games for PSG and if the transfer rumours are to be trusted then Chelsea are willing to pay 300000 pounds a week to the man if he is to becomes a Blues man. But the only thing that does not work in favour of Ibrahimovich is the age. Zlatan is 30 and paying a whopping sum as 300000 pounds for a player who might play for a maximum of 2 more seasons is arguably not justified.

4. Nelson Semedo

Benfica’s young Nelseon Semedo might just be what Mourinho’s defence lacks this season. For all Terry and Ivanovic have achieved and done for the club, this season has been rightly put pathetic for the duo. There is no polish or lustre in their performance which was an inherent part of their skills in the old days (oh those days!). Semedo is young and feisty and his skills have earned him a regular spot in the starting 11 at Benfica and an international call up during the international break too. Semedo with Azpilecueta can be Chelsea’s reckoning for the next half the season.

5. Gonzalo Higuain

The ex-Madrid man has always been on Mourinho’s radar and this time too, the Special One is trying to get Argentinian to England and that could turn out a boon for Chelsea. This season Higuain has been the leading goal scorer in the Serie A with 14 goals to his name and thus brings a huge baggage of experience having played in big clubs like Real Madrid and Napoli. Furthermore, Mourinho and Higuain have shared a partnership at Real Madrid and the boss knows the player and can use him to his strengths to get the maximum results for the club. 

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