As the clock is ticking away Mourinho’s time at Stamford also seems to be coming to an end or so it seems. Mourinho is running on borrowed time that the board has provided him but with the international break just around the corner, an exit might be on the cards. So in the light of a historical imminent sacking we have come up with the list of the top 5 contenders in line to take up the Chelsea job.

1. Carlo Ancelloti

The Italian has many laurels to his name and wherever he has been, he has led the team to victories be it Chelsea, PSG or Real Madrid. Carlo Ancelloti is the first name that comes to one’s mind to fill the shoes of Mourinho. An amazing tactician, Carlo has had an amazing history of player management. But the main obstruction in his appointment is the fact that he is on a sabbatical after the unimaginable sacking by Real Madrid and has repeatedly said that he would return to football only next year. And also there is the question of the compensation. But if Abramovic can work things out then hands down the Itallian would be the 1st choice.

2. Guus Hiddink

Guus Hiddink’s resume does not boast of big clubs or great victories but what he lacks on his resume he makes for it in his association with Chelsea FC. Hiddink has had an experience of managing the Stamford Bridge outfit when he overtook the reins from Scolari in 2009. Said to be on good terms with the club, Guus Hiddink would be the best immediate and short term solution in case of a sacking.

3. Andres Villas Boas

Andres Villas Boas became the youngest manager to win a European championship when he won the Europa league with Porto. He belongs to a new generation of managers who have earned laurels without having played a single game of football. An understudy to Jose Mourinho, AVB has achieved great things in Russia too winning the league with two matches left in the competition. What makes AVB an option is his past with Chelsea, his training under Mourinho and also his achievements and growth away from the English island.

4. Brendan Rodgers

Brendan Rodgers became the centre of the world in the greatest drama at Liverpool and that is the reason why he makes this list. Brendan Rodgers was sacked by Liverpool and his successor at Anfield was the witty and uncanny bloke Jurgen Klopp. So with limited options in front of Chelsea, Brendan Rodgers seems to be a choice as he is out of a job and getting a high profile manager in the middle of the season is not possible.

5. John Terry

John Terry is a Chelsea veteran and the last one of the big three lions of Chelsea. Though John Terry hasn’t managed Chelsea but in their 2011/12 campaign when Chelsea won the Champions league, it was more of Terry’s championship than Matteo’s championship. Terry overshadowed Matteo after the sacking of AVB. And when the team finds itself in a tough, the captain might step up yet again and it won’t be a bad choice to give the reins to him as he understands the club and the players like none other.

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