6-year jail sentence for former England winger Adam Johnson
6-year jail sentence for former England winger Adam Johnson

Allegations of ex-England international Adam Johnson took new heights after it was heard from the court that had been arrested on suspicion of possessing extreme porn involving animals.

The 28-year old was expelled from Sunderland, the club that owns his services and also from his national team after he confessed to sexual activity with a teenager earlier this year.

This incident is understood to have taken place in Durham inside the players Range Rover where he kissed and sexually touched a teenage girl in 2015. He admitted to the charge of sexual activity with a child and grooming the girl in earlier hearings in the court and is now in huge trouble.

The England national is now arrested not only for the above allegations but also on suspicion of possessing extreme pornography involving animals.

Though police are no longer pursuing the pornography angle, it is understood that the 28-year old is now sentenced to six years in prison with the player readying an appeal against his sentence.

The player was under further trouble after a search of his mansion revealed internet searches of teenage porn websites, though not of underage girls. The searches also bought out medication for treatment of a sexually transmitted disease from Johnson’s house making him look even more guilty.

Johnson stood with his arms behind his back as his family looked on in the court hearing  and was told that his 15-year-old victim has suffered “severe psychological harm” after this incident.

The Judge in this case, Jonathan Rose stated that Johnson took advantage of “young teenager’s adoration of a successful celebrity”, explaining what happened during the incident.

He alleged Johnson that the offences happened, “at a time when you were engaged in frequent sexual intercourse with multiple partners” and also revealed that the 28-year old wanted to engage in sexual activity knowing that the girl was under the age of 16.

The winger initially decided that he was not going to plead guilty and this left the victim being branded as a ‘liar’ up until the case was re-opened.

The victim opened up about how the incident affected her life and went on to explain that it had an adverse effect on her academics.

She said, “My school work has suffered massively as I have been unable to attend on some occasions”

“I am now underachieving in all of my subjects at school and have had to stop studying some subjects in the hope of being able to cope better,” she added.

This has led to a restraint drawn against Johnson meeting the victim and has also bought the player an order to pay £50,000 of the prosecution’s £67,132 costs.

An NSPCC spokesperson said Johnson’s “horrifying and inexcusable,” behavior during the trial has led to the victim to suffer the harrowing experience of giving evidence”.

This case will leave the 28-year old ex-Sunderland and Manchester City winger little to no chance of playing professional football ever again.

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