David Beckham is perhaps regarded as the all-time style icon in the game of football. Beckham’s appeal, reach & success beyond the football pitch is unmatched. Much of that was due to Beckham’s constant tweaking with his looks and hairstyle.

While playing for Manchester United, he was at his youthful best. At times, Beckham used to change his looks during the season as well. Beckham was probably the only United player who was liked by opposing fans as well.

Girls loved him like crazy, boys wanted to be like him and copy his style. Beckham’s hairstyle were copied around the world ad not only in England. Be it his short hair, no hair, long hairs. Blonde, beats, ponny and what not. Beckham introduced the fashion in to football while he was in England.

We are bringing all the different hair styles Beckham has sported over the years and we would like you to tell us what is your favourite one.


Beckham’s craze followed him when he moved abroad to play for the likes of Real Madrid, AC Milan, LA Galaxy and PSG. Beckham was the major reason for the amazing hike in popularity of football in America.

During his spell with LA Galaxy, there was a Euphoria among the US football fans and they took the game immediately ad much was down to Beckham’s flamboyance on and off the pitch.

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