Aesenal fans fuming: Wenger abused after shocking defeat against Liverpool

Sankha Ghosh / 15 August 2016

They had just witnessed a seven-goal thriller, undoubtedly a Premier League classic, but Arsenal fans as usual not so happy.

Amid discontent at the lack of summer signings and fearing the worst due to a defensive injury crisis, Arsenal lost 4-3 to Liverpool.

It was enough for many supporters to voice their discontent.

Many of those who had paid to go to the Emirates and watch their side made their feelings be known at certain stages of the game and most notably at the full-time whistle. The red part of north London is already toxic.

And we are only one game into the new season.

Many more on Twitter said this was proof that Wenger needs to go…

The reaction is as unsurprising as it is ridiculous.

Yes, Arsenal really does need to strengthen – the need for a new striker is obvious and due to the injury problems suffered in pre-season it would be sensible to pick up a defender. Yes, it’s frustrating not winning the title for 13 years – ask fans of just about any other club. Yes, spending large amounts of money on match tickets gives you a right to an opinion.

But the levels of pessimism and negativity around Arsenal are absurd.

Arsenal were actually pretty decent at the start of the match and the resilience showed to come from 4-1 down to make it a nail-biting finish shows there is a character in this squad.

Come on Arsenal fans.