Britian’s leading daily The Daily Mail on Tuesday 3rd February, floated an exlposive news that Alexis Sanchez could well think of leaving Arsenal if London based club do not win UEFA Chaampions League this season. Now, Spanish newspapaer Mundo Deportivo based in Barcelona has taken it to ridiculous level.

El Mundo Deportivo on Wednesday reported that Arsenal’s best player this season Alexis Sanchez is going to leave Gunners, as as per the Catalan daily, is no more top player at the club after being rested for Arsena’s previous two matches – An FA cup tie against Brighton and EPL game against Aston Villa. Deportivo also goes on to say that Sanchez is no longer fans’ favourite and is repalced by Santi Cazorla.     

Now you wonder why Mundo Deportivo are stooping to such a low level? There is a history of Barcelona press being hostile towars Arsenal becuase of perception that Gunners especially under Arsene Wenger poach young players from Barcelona’s La Masia. Add to it, the fact that Arsenal ask very high prices for players such as Thomas Vermealen and Alex Song who turns out to dud at Camp Nou. Hence, there is no love lost between Catalan press and Arsene Wneger. 

So it is understandable that Sanchez being an Arsenal success at the Emirates after stuggling at Barcelona have not gone down to well in Barcelona. So on the basis if all the above points El Mundo Deportivo makes a ‘not so convincing’ argument that Sanchez is considering an exit this summer.Now compare it with the facts: Chilean star has been voted player of the month back to back by Arsenal fans only to lose out to Santi for the month of January. So there’s a suggestion from Mundo Deportivo that Arsenal fans have replaced Santi with Sanchez and their love for the player is on the wane. In conclusion, one can only say that this Spanish newspaper is prolonging things to an absurd level, just to prove their hostility only goes on to show that they are hurt over the past dealing with London’s most successful club and Sanchez deal will persist unless Arsenal win Champions League.

For all Arsenal Fans: They can read this story with Tea and Biscuit over a breakfast.  


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