With the Indian Super League kicking off with a lot of pomp and vigor, the majority of Indians who would normally not see football are actually finding time to catch their home teams play against one another. The league has been funded by a lot of business personalities and movie stars.

After the first round of games, here are a few amazing stats from the ISL taken between 1st October till the 13th October 2014.

– Fans of the ISL are 1/14th in size when compared to the Indian Premier League. Not a bad start for a newly found league.

– Fans of the most followed ISL team are 1/28th in size when compared to the most followed IPL team, so cricket still reigns supreme in India.

– Fans of the ISL are 71 times greater than the I-League, the I-League is the top professional league of the country and the ISL has already beaten that.- 

– Fans of the ISL are 1/29th in number when compared to the fans of the EPL, the most followed league in the world.

– There have been 72,000 mentions of the #LetsFootball with over 800,000 likes on the official Facebook page of the ISL.

– The #HeroISL ad has had 66,000+ likes, 10,000+ shares and 850+ comments.

– There are over 41,000 followers on their twitter handle.

– Opinions for the newly formed league seem good to start with, 38% opinions were positive, 61% neutral and only 1% negative.

– They seem to have caught onto the football loving crowd with 44% viewers between the ages of 13 to 20 and 56% viewers between the ages 21-30.

– Most of the interactions take place on Twitter with 67% while Facebook comes in second with 18%.

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