Arsene Wenger and his men have been regular contenders for the top four spot in the Barclays Premier League over the last few years. They finished 3rd in the points table but were never in the race for the title. But with the number of stars in the team and the brand of football they play, they always start the league as one of the favorites. The 2015-16 season may well decide the manager’s future at the club and he would want to increase the number of trophies they won in the last two years.

For all the fans eagerly waiting for the season to start, we have bought an article where we will look at how the list of fixtures can affect the run of the club in the new season.

August: 8th West Ham United (H) ; 15th Crystal Palace (A) ; 22nd Liverpool (H) ; 29th Newcastle United (A)

September: 12th Stoke City (H) ; 19th Chelsea(A) ; 26th Leicester City(A)

October: 3rd Manchester United (H) ; 17th Watford (A) ; 24th Everton (H) ; 31st Swansea City (A)

The Gunners will start their campaign at home when they welcome West Ham on the 8th of August. In less than two weeks, they will also host Liverpool in a crunch game. In the middle of September they travel to the Bridge, which will be their biggest game of the season so far. In October they will host Manchester United and Everton and if they come to the end of October with positive figures, they may well go on a title charge come the end of the season.

November: 7th Tottenham Hotspur (H) ; 21st West Bromwich Albion (A) ; 28th Norwich City (A)

December: 5th Sunderland (H) ; 12th Aston Villa (A) ; 19th Manchester City (H) ; 26th Southampton (A) ; 28th Bournemouth (H)

January: 2nd Newcastle United (H) ; 12th Liverpool (A) ; 16th Stoke City (A) ; 23rd Chelsea (H)

In November, they play Hotspur at home and in December, Manchester City will tour the Emirates. The festive season will see them play Southampton away from home right after City and this is a period that Wenger would like to come out victorious. The reverse fixtures for Arsenal are not so kind as they will travel to Anfield and welcome Chelsea to Emirates within a fortnight. This will be a crucial period for the Gunners.

February: 2nd Southampton (H) ; 6th Bournemouth (A) ; 13th Leicester City (H) ; 27th Manchester United (A)

March: 1st Swansea City (H) ; 5th Tottenham Hotspur (A) ; 12th West Bromwich Albion (H) ; 19th  Everton (A)

April: 2nd Watford (H) ; 9th West Ham United (A) ; 16th Crystal Palace (H) ; 23rd Sunderland (A) ; 30th Norwich City (H)

May: 7th Manchester City (A) ; 15th Aston Villa (H)

February will start for Arsenal when Southampton will play at the Emirates on the 2nd. The last game in the month will be a ripper as they face Manchester United at Old Trafford. March and April are the months Arsenal will love the most with no high profile fixture except a trip to White Hart Lane and Goodison Park. The penultimate game for the club will be at the Etihad and if the League is close, a game against Aston Villa at home is not something they will be scared of.

Wenger will have to get the best out of their team and will have to start making themselves heard even in Europe. There is no doubt in the talent available in the and will be interesting to find out if they are able to find success in the new season.



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