The Red Devils had a torrid 2013-14 season under David Moyes but came back in the top four of the Premier League thanks to a star studded team and an experienced manager. Louis van Gaal took United to the 4th spot and made some impressive signings this summer. He will be raring to take United to another title after a few years and will want to prove to the world that the Club is still one of the biggest in Europe.

With the fixtures for the new season already out, many fans have already made their calculations of the tough and easy periods their team will face in the new season. So we have bough this article to show every fan what is in store for the Red side of Manchester in the 2015-16 season.

August: 8th Tottenham Hotspur (H) ; 15th Aston Villa (A) ; 22nd Newcastle United (H) ; 29th Swansea City (A)

September: 12th Liverpool (H) ; 19th Southampton (A) ; 26th Sunderland (H)

October: 3rd Arsenal (A) ; 17th Everton (A) ; 24th Manchester City (H) ; 31st Crystal Palace (A)

Manchester United will start their campaign with a tricky game against Tottenham Hotspur. In the first game of September, they will face their nemesis in Liverpool at Old Trafford. They will then travel to Southampton for their next game. October will be a decisive month for United as they will travel to the Emirates and then to Goodison Park before the first Manchester Derby at Old Trafford on 24th October.

November: 7th West Bromwich Albion (H) ; 21st Watford (A) ; 28th Leicester City (A)

December: 5th West Ham United (H) ; 12th Bournemouth (A) ; 19th Norwich City (H) ; 26th Stoke City (A) ; 28th Chelsea (H)

January: 2nd Swansea City (H) ; 13th Newcastle United (A) ; 16th Liverpool (A) ; 23rd Southampton (H)


November will be ways for the Red Devils as they only face West Brom, Watford and Leicester. The busy festive period is also a bit polite to the club but they will end the year with a game against the champions of the previous season at home. The New Year will see United travel to Anfield in the 3rd game of the reverse fixtures. They will end January with a game against Southampton at home. By this time the fans will get an idea of the position the club might finish in at the end of the season.

February: 2nd Stoke City (H) ; 6th Chelsea (A) ; 13th Sunderland (A) ; 27th Arsenal (H)

March: 1st Watford (H) ; 5th West Bromwich Albion (A) ; 12th Crystal Palace (H) ; 19th Manchester City (A)

April: 2nd Everton (H) ; 9th Tottenham Hotspur (A) ; 16th Aston Villa (H) ; 23rd West Ham United (A) ; 30th Leicester City (H)

May: 7th Norwich City (A) ; 15th Bournemouth (H)

February is again a tricky month for United as they face Chelsea at the Bridge on 6th and then welcome Arsenal on the 27th. March starts easy for the club but will end with the away leg of the Manchester Derby which may well decide who will be the more successful of the Manchester clubs in the season. They play Everton and Tottenham back to back in the beginning of April but the last 5 fixtures are relatively easy and may assist a late charge by the club.

It must be said that United have a slightly tricky list but with the depth in the squad, they may well come out on the top. They will start the season as favorites for the title but the manager will have to work hard if he wants to bring the trophy back to Old Trafford after a bit of a gap.


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