Premier League legend tips Arsenal to win the League Title this season

Manasi Pathak / 23 December 2015

Liverpool’s celebrated player and football pundit, Jamie Carragher has opined his views on Arsenal being the favourites for the title winner. Carragher believes Arsenal are favourites to lift a first Premier League title since 2004, but must immediately take advantage of the struggles of their title rivals. Arsenal is currently second on the table with just a few points behind Leicester City. Arsenal has been the victim of severe injuries and Carragher says that if the North London club gets rid of them, then they hold a strong chance to carve their name on the winning trophy.

Asked on Monday Night Football if they were the front-runners, Carragher said: “Yes, just. It’s the injuries that are going to be the problem for them, how quickly they can get these players back. 

“But the four-point cushion they have got, and the way the other sides are playing, they are just favourites. They’ve got to take advantage of it now.’’ 

“For Arsenal now, I said before the game this was one of the biggest league games they’ve had for years, and probably for years to come.’’ 

“Beating big teams has been a massive problem for Arsenal over the years. I wouldn’t necessarily say Arsenal have gone to a different level this season, it’s more that other teams have dropped off, and Arsenal have maintained their level from the last couple of years.’’

“But they’ve got to take advantage of other teams dropping off because these teams next season will be back and better.”

Former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry says Wenger’s side have progressed over the last one year and put some old demons to bed with their performance at the Emirates Stadium. “It’s perfect Arsenal in a way,” Henry said. “In the beginning they were very passive. You could see Ozil and Giroud getting frustrated with the team because they were not pushing up with them.’’

“But the next thing you know, from the chance that [Kevin] De Bruyne missed, they find themselves 2-0 up. A year ago they would have been losing that game.’’

“They couldn’t beat big teams like that before. And it was almost in an unlike Arsenal way: Defending well, being tight and counter-attacking. We saw that against Bayern Munich. We saw that against Man United.”

With their current form and Ozil’s mindblowing record of assists, it’s safe to say that Arsenal will give a tough fight to every other club to clinch the winner’s medal. 

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