Arsene Wenger: Mesut Ozil not going anywhere; also hints – NO MORE signing this season

Snehanjan Banerjee / 21 August 2015

Arsenal is ready to welcome Brendan Rodgers’ Liverpool this Monday at the Emirates. The pre-match press conference of Arsene Wenger has taken place.

Arsenal won 2-1 last week against Crystal Palace after a shocking 2-0 defeat against West Ham on the opening weekend.

Meanwhile, Liverpool won both of their games so far against Stoke City and Bournemouth with scorelines 1-0 on both occasions. Despite not playing the best football, they have 6 points from two games. 

Here is what the Arsenal manager had to say ahead of the high voltage encounter.

When asked about Arsenal’s title chances and how much this match will matter for that, he said,  “not all of the other teams have started well but for us this is an important game.”

“Normally we are strong at home and this is a chance to show it. We looked sharp against Crystal Palace, but we didn’t look sharp against West Ham.”

When asked about Liverpool signing James Milner, “I think he is a good signing for Liverpool. He is a team player, a talented player and he can play in different positions.”

On being asked about Liverpool’s controversial winner against Bournemouth, “if a guy is in an offside position takes action he is considered to be offside.”

“We saw that on Monday night so it is surprising. This is a clear case where video evidence could have helped to make the right decision.”

“You have to check the regularity of the goals because it is too important.”

On being asked about Arsenal strengthening their squad enough or not, he said, “we have in every position strong players.”

“I was asked this question two years ago when some clubs buy ten players. We live in a society that is hungry for news.”

“News is good, but you have to be convinced that it strengthens your team.”

On being asked about transfers, the Frenchman said, “no. I’m more focused on developing the team and the players we have inside the club.

“I’m not against buying if it is really a plus for the team.

“If it is just buying players at the level of the players you have I am not for that.”

On being asked about striker shortage and lack of competition for Giroud, he said, “there is a shortage in the world yes.”

“There is a difference between financial power and the availability of top-class players.”

“It is like in any deal.

“You want to buy someone you go to see the owner if he doesn’t want to buy he doesn’t want to buy.

“In Europe today you maybe have 15 clubs with huge financial resources who don’t need the money.”

How difficult is it that the window is open during the season: “When the season starts the window should be finished.

“Simple as that. It is too big an advantage for clubs that didn’t work well during the transfer window.

“The funds are there, people know that you have the resources, but the players are not available.

“We expect, like you, but at the moment, we are not close.”

Asked about Wilshere recovering for England, “no. We believe that is too optimistic to think that he will be available for England.

“After the international break he has a chance but beforehand no chance.”

On the heavyweight fixtures so early in the season, “you would want this game played at the end of the season.”

“In Italy they had a rule that in the first seven games the top four could not meet.

“I don’t know if that rule exists but they had that rule. It was more down to financial resources than sporting resources.”

“Of course. You know that if you want a successful season at home you want to be strong.

“We have to look at ourselves. We have won at Crystal Palace and now we have to look at what we do at home.

“We had a very convincing performance last season [against Liverpool].

“Everything clicked on the night and it was a very good game.”

On Sanchez, “I think on Monday night he will not be far from 100percent.”

“It’s surprising because when he doesn’t have the fitness he has the mental resources.”

On Ozil: “I feel Mesut is now completely committed to the club. In the first year, he maybe didn’t know after he had left Real Madrid.”


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