Arsene Wenger showed some of the existing love for his former skipper Cesc Fabregas when he publicly admitted of the hurt of losing Fabregas to Barcelona in 2011. Wenger was addressing the media ahead of their clash against Chelsea, when he revealed the one thing which hurt him the most about Fabregas’ departure.

Wenger said how much he was left disappointed when he came to know that Fabregas himself wanted to leave the club back in 2011 when Barcelona came calling. Wenger was hurt by Fabregas’s ignorance of the influence Arsenal had over his career and personal life.

Wenger said: “The regret I have is that he wanted to leave. We had a big influence on his life and I would be uncomfortable having to justify why he is not here.”

“It should be the other way around and you should ask him the question.

Unfortunately for Fabregas, his Barcelona dream soon turned in to a nightmare as the Spaniard was seeking an exit just after 3 seasons at Camp Nou. Arsenal did have a chance to re-sign their former captain but Wenger chose not to, and ultimately saw Fabregas join their rivals and nemesis Chelsea.

Since joining Chelsea, Fabregas will visit Emirates for the first time and Arsene Wenger was specific in demanding the fans to show respect to their former star and captain.

Wenger said: “I want every player to be respected and when Cesc comes on Sunday to the Emirates he should be respected like he deserves it.”

Such a gesture by Wenger shows us the special bond the he shared with Fabregas and despite hurting by the manner in which Fabregas left the club he still wants the Emirates crowd to show the respect and love to Cesc Fabregas.

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