As Roma forward, 27-year old Gervinho is involved in a corruption case after he attempted to smuggle a woman into Italy and have bribed four security guards at the airport, which has provoked the dismissal of four security guards.

Ivorian newspaper IMatin reported that Gervinho, after playing in an Africa Cup of Nations qualifier last week, Gervinho attempted to bring a woman back to Rome with him.

He represented his country during the international break in which Ivory Coast drew against Cameroon and have qualified for the African Cup of Nations. The club from the Italian capital had provided a private jet to bring Gervinho back to Rome.

Gervinho was to make the journey alone , but he appeared in the company of a charming young woman. The latter intending to fly away with Gervinho had a suitcase in her hand. His girlfriend is not authorized to fly away to Italy.

Gervinho wanted to go with his girlfriend at all costs and have corrupted the four officers at the airport. Gervinho tried to negotiate with the Private Jet Pilot, unfortunately the pilot flatly refused and told Gervinho that he had received strict instructions to return only with the player. However, Gervinho got onto the plane and flew to Rome.

The four corrupt security officers were immediately dismissed from their posts.


Gervinho with his female friend

Gervinho with his female friend





Picture Courtesy: IMatin

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